ZUBR Closed-Type Ultraviolet Bactericidal Recirculator (Air Sterilizing Unit)


Rospotrebnadzor has issued the methodical recommendations No. MR 3.1/ “The Recommendations to prevent the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the trade enterprises”. The safety measures listed in these recommendations include the application of recirculating bactericidal air irradiators allowed for operation in the presence of humans and animals, for the premises of continuing presence of employees and visitors.

Considering the recommendations of the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare on the prevention of distribution of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) Remer Production Group has developed, tested and certified the ZUBR closed-type Ultraviolet Bactericidal Recirculator (air sterilizing unit) by Rem trademark within a short time.

    бактерицидный рециркулятор

The unit is completely safe for use in the presence of humans and animals. The ZUBR air sterilizing unit is developed for application in:

·         office premises

·         pre-school and educational establishments

·         premises for entertainment events

·         shops and shopping centres

·         gyms and fitness clubs

·         beauty salons

·         premises of catering facilities

·         apartments and private houses

·         production premises

·         banks

·         prevention and treatment facilities

·         hotels and hostels

·         car showrooms and car service centres

The ZUBR closed-type ultraviolet bactericidal recirculator is designed for horizontal or vertical wall-mounting near heating systems, door and window openings in order to ensure unhampered air intake and exhaust. Air stream is decontaminated during its forced circulation through the inner space of the body. The internal part of the unit contains ozone-free bactericidal UV lamps. Forced by the fan, the air passes inside the unit body to be subjected to the UV radiation resulting in its sterilization.

Бактерицидный рециркулятор 

The ZUBR Bactericidal Recirculator is simple to use. The unit is compact and light-weighted, a noise-free fan and a closed body ensure its unnoticeable operation.

The ZUBR closed-type ultraviolet bactericidal recirculator is an excellent air sterilizer to prevent flu, acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory diseases, diphtheria, tuberculosis, and many other diseases. The unit is excellent for fighting against viruses, bacteria (staphylococci, enterococci, coli) by disrupting their DNA and resulting in their non-ability to perform their vital functions. If the infection carrier is present in the room, the unit will considerably decrease the risk of contamination for others.


Remember that continuous disinfection of living premises is harmful for the immunity, especially that one of children. Moreover, some microorganisms are capable of mutating and becoming resistant to ultraviolet. According to the recommendations, in premises of continuing presence of employees, not only recirculating bactericidal air irradiators should be used, but also the premises should be aired every 2 hours.

The new product is available for order from our partners from August 2020.