All-weather cabinets with power control and remote monitoring system


All-weather cabinets are most frequently located in places where direct monitoring of operability of the internally installed equipment is hampered. Due to limited accessibility, it is hard to timely monitor emergency situations in cabinets such as power failure, smoke formation, cabinet tampering, flooding or increased moisture. But it is critically important for the equipment installed inside. To solve all these tasks, all-weather cabinets with the power control and remote monitoring system are employed, which enable monitoring the internal cabinet parameters and remotely configuring the conditioner parameters.

This year, Remer Production Group has developed and launched to the market its Rem-MC controllers for the remote monitoring and power supply control. The REM controller should be considered not separately, but jointly with the system consisting of a telecommunication cabinet with all accessories. The controller has become a logical end to this package. Due to the controller development and experience in manufacturing of complete all-weather solutions, we offer a high-tech product to the market – an all-weather completed telecommunication cabinet with the power control and remote monitoring system. This system is intended for the centralized collection, monitoring of current microclimate parameters and their online transfer to a higher level.

The monitoring system comprises a Rem-MC controller with the integrated impact sensor, a door opening sensor, digital RS-HT1 humidity and temperature sensor, a smoke formation sensor and a leak sensor installed in the cabinet. The following may additionally be connected to the Rem-MC controller: a motion sensor, a siren, power meters – both with a pulse input and an RS-485 interface, UPS and other devices with serial control and diagnostic interface. In case of emergency (unauthorized cabinet penetration, smoke formation, etc.) the Rem-MC controller will send an emergency SNMP trap message to the duty operator’s console. Due to the implemented SNMP protocol (v1, v2, v3) monitoring and control are possible with the use of network SNMP managers, for example, Zabbix, HP Open View etc.Monitoring

The basis for the monitoring-based solution was a completed all-weather cabinet. This can be an ShTV-N hanging cabinet, a one-compartment ShTV-1 floor cabinet or a two-compartment ShTV-2 floor cabinet. The cabinet may be manufactured of stainless steel for the use in the C4 corrosion grade atmosphere. The climatic equipment and input switchgear are pre-installed in the cabinet. We certify a ready solution and provide an extended two-year guarantee. A ready solution provides a considerable cost reduction since the manufacturer takes responsibility for most of the works. 

The advantages of the solution:
• a well-designed assembly scheme
• factory-installed equipment
• high-quality components
• input switchgear
• climatic REM equipment

The Rem-MC controller-based monitoring system with a convenient Russian online web interface enables:
• remote control of power supply load
• configuring the Rem conditioner parameters
• configuring and condition monitoring of sensors and connected devices
• activating and deactivating the facility security system
• saving and loading the configuration
• updating controller software
• tracing parameters of connected sensors with a high precision

The controller web interface with connected sensors, REM conditioners and power meters

ПО контроллера

A controller and an RS-HT1 humidity and temperature sensor


Input switchgear and smoke sensor


A conditioner connected to the monitoring system

This solution may be custom-manufactured. Provision with sensors and PDU types with monitoring are negotiable.

For technical and commercial issues on all-weather solutions with a monitoring system, please contact us via e-mail