ShTV-N Ekonom series weatherproof wall-mounted complete cabinets


A new range of complete wall hanging CMO cabinets of ShTV-NE series is a cost-effective solution with the price being considerably lower than that of the standard ShTV-N range of products. The equipment in cabinets is attached to a perforated mounting panel with a perforation pitch of 25 mm on a side surface using an EMW-RM mounting rail (not included into the scope of supply) and a DIN rail. The cabinets are intended for the arrangement of the exterior video surveillance systems, security systems and telecommunications equipment. They ensure protection against the environmental effects and unauthorized access and maintain the temperature conditions inside the cabinet.

SHTV-N econom.jpgSHTV-N econom.jpg

ShTV-NE wall hanging cabinet is wall attachable using 4 angle members (anchors are not included into the scope of supply); moreover, if necessary, mounting on the KKS-ShTV-NE column is possible (not included into the scope of supply).

As additional protection against hazardous environmental factors, a galvanized KD-ShTV-NE rain protection roof is possible to be installed. For the T1 version, the installation of galvanized protective KZ-ShTV-NE hoods for fan and exhaust filter protection is possible.

 SHTV-N econom.jpgSHTV-N econom.jpg.jpg

The admissible distributed static load is up to 150 kg.

Due to the holes provided in the cover and bottom of the cabinets, they may easily be attached in a vertical arrangement two in a row or more. Upon relocating the door of one cabinet, two cabinets may be arranged with cable entries directed towards one another thus ensuring an unobstructed cable routing.

For a new range of ShTV-NE cabinets, a number of accessories are available:

KD-ShTV-NE-x.x rain protection roof

Made of galvanized steel. Provides additional precipitation protection to the cabinet in case of external installation with rear water drainage. Recommended to be used for protecting the gap between the door and casing against precipitations and UV radiation. The roof is adapted for attachment together with a wall or a KKS-ShTV-NE column hanging set. It is attached through the cabinet roof. The necessary fasteners are included in the scope of supply.

A set of protective galvanized KZ-ShTV-NE-x hoods for cabinets in the T1 version

A set of protective hoods providing the additional precipitation protection for filters and filter fans in ShTV-Ne cabinets of T1 version. The mating surfaces of the hood and the cabinet wall ensure IP56 protection rating. The hoods provide additional protection against unauthorized access to the cabinet and damage to the filter and fan, thus enhancing the general tamper-resistance. The product is manufactured of 1.5 mm thick sheet galvanized steel; wall connection is weldless thus ensuring the enhanced resistance to aggressive environment and corrosion.

KKS-ShTV-NE-x column fixing set

Made of galvanized steel. Represents a structure for a reliable and a convenient attachment to round or rectangular supports of ShTV-NE cabinets.