ECONOM Series ShTK Floor Telecommunication Cabinet


In view of the economic situation, Remer Production Group has developed an affordable anti-crisis version of floor telecommunication cabinets of ShTK-ECONOM series, which is a low-cost solution for arranging the active network and cross equipment. The cabinets are fully compliant to the requirements for 19” structures.

Универсальные шкафы ШТК-ЭКОНОМ

The ShTK-ECONOM series has a simple light-weighted design, and its price is considerably lower as compared to analogs, however it boasts a number of advantages.

1.      A new design allowed to reduce the space required for transportation. The cabinet weight is considerably reduced. It makes logistics and storage of the products easier.

2.      The assembly process is considerably simplified. Screw-and-nut connections are completely eliminated (except for attachment of vertical unit guides). Thread-forming screws are applied. This makes possible to assemble the cabinet single-handedly.

Универсальные шкафы ШТК-ЭКОНОМ 

3.      The framework bearing components are made of 1.5 mm thick steel sheets, the doors - 1mm, side walls - 0.8 mm. The framework consists of the base, roof, two side frames, four door supports, and two reinforcements.

 Универсальные шкафы ШТК-ЭКОНОМ

4.      Due to the vertical bearing profile of the complex-shape framework, the total bearing capacity of the cabinet and its strength at the maximum height of 48U allow it bearing the distributed load up to 700 kg, which is sufficient for arranging any heavy equipment.

5.      Floor telecommunication cabinets of ShTK-ECONOM series are noted for their considerable useful installation depth which is just 85 mm less than the external dimension. This allows installing deep telecommunication equipment and cable routing accessories.

6.      The standard set has a metal door instead of the rear wall. When ordering, an option with the front door featuring a glass, a solid metal door or a perforated door may be selected. The rear door may be solid metal or perforated.

Универсальные шкафы ШТК-ЭКОНОМ Универсальные шкафы ШТК-ЭКОНОМ

7.      The base and roof of the cabinet provide for the locations for R-FAN fan modules and KV-Sch brush entries.

 Универсальные шкафы ШТК-ЭКОНОМ

8.      The standard dimensions of ShTK-ECONOM cabinets: height – 18, 24, 30, 42 and 48U; width - 600 mm, depth – 600, 800 and 1000 mm.

The equipment installation, switching and maintenance access is possible on four sides. The cabinets are supplied in a compact disassembled form. Additionally, the products may be fitted with the necessary accessories and components intended for management of equipment fixing elements, optimization of cable routing and switching. ShTK-ECONOM series cabinets are compatible with all the ShTK-M accessories except for vertical cable organizers.

The allocated positions are available for ordering from our official partners from August 1, the rest of items will be available for ordering from September 1.