The cold/hot aisle system

17.07.2019 The CMO trademark is among the top three providers of server cabinets for Data Centers together with the foreign trademarks. We continue to develop this area and offer up-to-date solutions for the Data Center market. We have developed the CMO cold/hot aisle system and Rem-XR intercabinet conditioners.

Aisle insulation system
The basic components of a cold/hot aisle are ShTK-S Prof series CMO server cabinets with a height of 42 and 48U. 


The Data Center infrastructure solutions also comprise the reinforced ceiling panels, the door system and side panels. Ceiling sections are made of a light-transmitting material: glass, safety glass or polycarbonate. The sections are stacked that allows introducing, for example, fire-fighting system nozzles to the closed aisle space. Side walls are also manufactured of light-transmitting materials, where necessary.


The aisle is entered through a single-leaf or a double-leaf sliding door (for 900–1250 mm wide aisles), the entrance height is 1930–2250 mm (42U–48U). A door of the same size or a blind panel may be installed on the other side of the aisle. Additional sealing of gaps (at the customer’s request) is made by brush seal with an adhesive backing.

The items are available for ordering from our partners.