New product! Rem controlled socket units with monitoring feature and controllers


One cannot imagine the modern world without information technologies. Innovations in this area make our lives easier, therefore the development of telecommunication systems becomes increasingly essential. The main feature of the modern network equipment is ensuring its faultless operation. As a result, the design, building and modernization approach for the most of the systems and networks is changing; they become more complex from the point of view of their infrastructure, performance and services used.

Our company doesn’t stand aside and over the past years we have been developing the Rem Controller, which can considerably simplify the remote monitoring of the installed equipment and its control.

Meet the Controlled Socket Units With Monitoring Feature based on the Rem Controller.


Rem Controlled Socket Units with the Monitoring Feature are designed for the control of equipment, security and fire alarms, microclimate maintenance, power supply distribution in telecommunication cabinets, server rooms and data centers (DC). Due to support of standard communication protocols implemented in the new development, they may also be applied in industrial automation controlled by SCADA systems.

The main communication channel is the Ethernet 10/100BASE-TX wired interface, the redundant communication channel is the GSM channel.

The following protocols are supported:

·        SNMP v.2c - monitoring and control with the use of network SNMP managers, for example, Zabbix, HP Open View, etc.

·        HTTP – a simple and intuitive web interface

·        TELNET CLI – a command control line (for experienced users and automated scripts)

·        TFTP – software updating and settings saving

·        TLS – control and monitoring data encryption, a standard for modern IoT systems

·        ModbusTCP Master / Slave – the most common control protocol of external I/O modules / the unit itself

·        RADIUS – centralized user authorization

·        Virtual COM-port - transparent control of any devices connectable via RS-485 or RS-232 to units by means of their proprietary software for PC.



Controlled Rem Units feature:

·        up to 12 discrete inputs, which may be connected to

∙ water, gas, electricity meters with pulsed (metering) output

∙ infrared motion sensors

∙ water alarms

∙ temperature/humidity sensors

∙ buttons, toggle switches and N/O and N/C type devices

·        up to 4 analog inputs for connecting

∙ fire annunciators (smoke detectors and horns)

∙ security alarms (door opening sensors)

∙ infrared passive alarms (motion sensors)

·        1-Wire interface, connected up to 10 temperature sensors and an i-button reader for access control

·        up to 3 RS-485 interfaces and a RS-232 interface for connecting

∙ conditioners

∙ power supply units and IPS

∙ electronic electricity, heat, gas, fluid meters and etc.

∙ diesel generator units and other control and diagnostics serial interface devices

The setting is made via web interface using either CLI (command line interface) via a TELNET protocol or a TLS-console. The microprogram is updated by web or from a TFTP-server. The system time synchronization with the NTP-server for the unit is implemented. In case of disconnected network power supply, standalone operation of integrated real time clock for 7 days is ensured. In case of errors or faults, the Rem units may be set to sending messages by SNMP-trap. The Rem units equipped with a GSM-module support control by SMS-commands as well as sending diagnostic and emergency SMS-messages.

    Контроллер артикул на сайт.jpg

The offered range includes the following device types:

·        220mm REM Remote Control And Monitoring Controllers

·        Rem Controlled Horizontal Socket Unis with Monitoring Feature, 19” standard

·        Controlled Vertical Socket Units with Monitoring Feature for 1.4 and 1.8m

Product application options:

·        microclimate monitoring in outdoor cabinets, server rooms, data centers

·        power supply distribution

·        power supply management

·        control of Rem climatic equipment

·        connecting external devices and sensors

·        industrial automation – integration in SCADA systems

A simple and modern web interface in Russian, enabling:

·        remote control of power supply load

·        setting and condition monitoring of sensors and connected devices

·        arming and disarming of facilities, where the Rem Unit is installed

·        saving and loading the settings

·        updating controller software


Warranty period is 2 years. Rem Controlled Units with Monitoring Feature are a proprietary development by Remer Production Group and allow online software and hardware adjustments at the customer’s request.

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