Our new development is SHTV-N and SHTV-NP series all-weather complete cabinets


We would like to bring to your attention complete SHTV-N and SHTV-NP series — package solution complete with the climate control system maintaining the preset air temperature and humidity within the required limits all the year round.

SHTV-N and SHTV-NP seriesSHTV-N and SHTV-NP series

Complete TSMO cabinets are known for

  • esthetical design
  • durability
  • impact resistance
  • frost-resistance
  • corrosion protection
  • safety of your equipment

The product may be used for accommodating automatic control systems and telecommunication equipment requiring protection against dust and moisture. Temperature and humidity control ensured by DIN-rail mounted mechanical thermostat and hygrostat having the service life of over 50,000 cycles allows combating condensate formation, which represents a frequent reason for the electronic equipment failure.

The cabinet is supplied assembled, individually packed in the corrugated cardboard package, complete with one cable entry. Penetration for cable entries are provided in the cabinet bases. High-quality five layer cardboard package allows its multiple use without causing damage to the main product (e.g. after the equipment installation at the customer’s workshop for further sending to the installation and operation site).

Complete cabinets are designed considering customer preferences and have the optimal set of functions to ensure safe and failure-free equipment operation.

The cabinet is provided with the door opening sensor for connecting the artificial illumination and alarm system as well as a 220 V socket for process purposes for the maximum current of 16 A connected via a differential breaker with the leakage current of 30 mA. For protecting the equipment against the voltage surges caused by lightning discharges or transit processes in a power network, the cabinet is equipped with the voltage-suppressor intended for protecting both cable and overhead input lines. Voltage-suppressor condition is monitored visually by the color of arrester flag, if worn, its variable resistor insert shall be replaced eliminating the need to purchase a new assembled unit. To protect the equipment against overvoltage, short-circuit current and leakage current, DIN rail-mounted automatic and differential switches are used. Climatic control and consumer equipment supply systems are switched through various automatic switches. Protection selectivity allows disconnecting a damaged source from power supply thus ensuring uninterrupted operation for the rest of equipment.

Power monitoring is effected via the voltage indicator located in the upper part of the cabinet.

To maintain the preset temperature and humidity levels heaters and fans are used.

Telecommunication, electrical equipment, video surveillance devices and other similar 19” devices are mounted on vertical panels using galvanized angle members included into the cabinet’s scope of supply (a proprietary solution by Remer group). Using angles allows arranging the equipment both parallel and perpendicular to the cabinet’s horizontal plane. Openings arranged on the whole surface of vertical panels ensure free air circulation as well as allow fixing cables and wires on them.

If necessary, additional components may be used in the cabinet. The cabinet has the 1st degree of electric shock hazard protection under GOST R IEC 536-94 and is equipped with a bus for connecting the local grounding.

The equipment is fixed on a mounting panel made of 2.5 mm thick galvanized steel sheet with openings envisaged for installing additional DIN rails.

SHTV-N complete all-weather cabinets have metal bodies, and SHTV-NP cabinets have polyester bodies. The polyester body shell is made of insulating low-flammable self-extinguishing composite (glass fibre reinforced plastic), which is corrosion resistant and thus has the obvious advantage over the metal one. Whilst being of the higher initial cost, polyester cabinets allow for future savings due as they are maintenance-free (no painting corrosion protection is required). Cabinet material allows installing it in aggressive environments without any risk of body damage (salt spray along salt-treated highways, etc.). Reduced weight of polyester cases as compared to metal ones is another advantage.

SHTV-NP series cabinets are intended both for indoor and outdoor installations, and they are particularly suitable for locations requiring the efficient protection against accidental contact with exposed conductive components of the cabinet.

SHTV-NP series complete cabinets comply with GOST 52796-2007 and have the enclosure protection degree up to IP65 (with ventilation system - up to IP55) under GOST 14254-96. Climatic category zone for using SHTV-NP cabinets without the risk of loss or degradation of the cabinet main characteristics is maximal - U1 under GOST 15150-90, and allows operating it at the temperature from minus 50 to 45 °С.

Cabinets are supplied in different sets: with cooling and heating, or with heating only. 

SHTV-N and SHTV-NP series cabinets   SHTV-N and SHTV-NP series cabinets

To summarize, complete SHTV-N and SHTV-NP series cabinets  are the package solution with the optimal set of necessary options for arranging the equipment and ensuring its further preservation over a long period of time. For their manufacturing, we use components and I&C equipment supplied by reliable and proven manufacturers being our long-term partners. Warranty service life of cabinets is 12 months.

New models are already available for ordering from our dealers and distributors.