SHTV Series Upgraded On-Floor All-Weather Cabinets


Having studied the latest requirements of the largest market players such as MTS, Megafon, Rostelekom and Gazprom, specialists of Remer production group upgraded the SHTV series on-floor all-weather cabinets.

SHTV-1 Opened SHTV-1

The major changes are as follows.

  • Standard sizes of cabinets were optimized with eliminating the least demanded and adding the lacking but frequently requested dimensions: 36U cabinets were added; the width of all the cabinets is now 700 mm allowing the best arrangement of the equipment and wiring inside the cabinet.
  • SHTV cabinet is now supplied with front and rear door. The front door is ready for installing filters or MV-400 fans. The cabinet locking system was completely redeveloped (except for 12U cabinets): the new metal crossbar lock is employed with ensuring the additional locking by a padlock, it is now possible to install an additional high-protection category safe lock on each door (available for ordering as accessory). Doors are fully symmetrical, which allows changing the hinging side or exchanging front and rear doors. Detachably-mounted door latch is reinforced and relocated to the cabinet bottom.The accessories are available for installing on the door, such as a document tray and a tray table. 24U cabinets and higher are now fitted with 4-point crossbar fixing instead of the 2-point fixing pattern (as before).
  • The cabinet is complete with new unit guides throughout the cabinet height, the cabinet may be divided into compartments using an additional shelf. Therefore, the modified cabinet is now in compliance with the maximum useful height in units (e.g. 24U unit guides are provided for SHTV-1- 24.7.9-43АА cabinet throughout its height). New design of guides is more rigid and is fitted with ZERO-U mounting set on a side surface thus improving the cabinet’s mounting capabilities.
  • The cabinet cover is now removable - with the door open it is sufficient to just unscrew two screws and pull the cover. The grip hook system to move or lift the cabinet was redeveloped - now lifting lugs are made of 3 mm steel and are hidden under the removable roof. The customer is no more required to unscrew them from side walls with plugging the installation holes with bolts. As an accessory, modified roof with a retractible shield is provided for protection against precipitations when working with the equipment. After reinstalling the roof, its additional reinforced fixing with six screws to the case framework.

Additional modifications

  • Cabinet ventilation system was considerably redeveloped: as compared to previous version (except for 12U), the front door perforation area was extended with adding the second window for mounting the additional fan/filter. The framework roof now has not one but two holes intended for fan/filter installation. The perforation of removable roof and additional protective enclosure on the framework is extended. All this allows enhancing air pumping through the cabinet and removing more heat from the equipment installed. Stationary filter included into the basic set of supply was modified. Now it has the increased filtering area and is assembled within a rubber-foam sealed case to eliminate stray air flows.
  • Cabinet heat insulation has been modified. Now 10 mm foil-coated insulating material with the fire safety grade of G1 is used. This insulation material is glued onto the whole surface of the framework; the scope of supply includes a fragment of insulating material for the framework base sealing up, which is to be installed after inserting all the necessary wires in the cabinet.
  • The water removal system has been changed: antidrop system is added - cuts in the roof are foreseen, which prevent water ingress into the cabinet in the point of contact with the door sealing; the form of the framework cover upper shelf is also redesigned for the purpose of water removal. All these allow eliminating water ingress and the door sealant material freezing onto the cabinet framework – access is possible at any weather.
  • The framework base has the increased number of cable entries of 32 mm diameter. The basic scope of supply provides their manufacture by molding - the consumer can select the necessary openings and remove metal with the subsequent installation of cable entries. As before, 4 holes covered with plugs are available for accessing the tray / base fixing bolts in the framework base at the corners.
  • The cabinet base is extended to 100 mm. Now the base itself is removable - 2 screws are provided at side surfaces, and another 2 are located in its center.

SHTV-2 Opened SHTV-2

The upgraded on-floor all-weather SHT-V 2 series cabinet represents a special-purpose climatic cabinet with a full-featured electrical compartment insulated from the telecommunication compartment.

The major changes are as follows.

  • Standard sizes of cabinets were optimized with eliminating the least demanded and adding the lacking but frequently requested dimensions: 36U cabinets were added; the width of all the cabinets is now 1000 mm, and the depth is 900 mm, which allows the best arrangement of the equipment and wiring inside the cabinet.
  • The cabinet is provided with a full-featured electrical compartment with a 2.5 mm galvanized steel mounting panel insulated from the telecommunication compartment.
  • Side wall of electrical compartment features space for installing the industrial-type socket for external power supply (e.g. for connecting the generator) covered with a protective door (hatch).

Additional modifications

  • The number of holes for cable input in the framework base as well as in the wall partitioning the compartments.
  • Electrical compartment is fully covered with thermal insulating material; and non-insulated wall between the compartments allows using the internal space as the heat storage and protecting the inner space of the cabinets from thermal shocks.
  • The door of electrical compartment is symmetrical allowing to change its hinging position, if necessary. The metal lock is mounted in the door, additional locking is ensured via the padlock, the possibility to install a safe-type lock is now available as well.

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