Modernization of ShRN-ECONOM Series Wall-Mounted Telecommunication Cabinets


Affordable range of ShRN-EKONOM series wall-mounted telecommunication cabinets provides a low-cost solution for installation of active networking and distribution equipment. Wall-mounted cabinets of the series are dismountable and have a simple design including guides, a roof, side walls, a bottom and a door.  This ensures minimal package size for convenient and cheap transporting.

The modernization of ShRN-ECONOM series cabinets resulted in the following design modifications.

1. The cabinet obtained an additional option of removable side walls fastened with single-point locks. The side access facilitates maintenance of the installed equipment.


2. The framework design has been changed. In the previous model, the solid side walls were fastened to the roof and the base using М6 screws inserted from the hard-to-access internal space of the cabinet. Now, all connections are located on the outer surfaces and are performed with thread-forming screws. This modification significantly improved the assembly duration and convenience, as well as increased the framework rigidity.


3. 18U height cabinets obtained the design similar to the design of the other cabinet sizes. Before that, they had a different door design. This allowed to reduce the cabinet height by 52 mm and to lower its weight.


4. All the cabinet sizes were load-tested. This ensures the admissible static distributed load within 65–85 kg depending on the cabinet depth. During the tests, assembled cabinets with installed side walls were used.

The total operational compatibility with the cabinets of the previous ShRN-ECONOM series is maintained: the cabinets’ model numbers and sizes are the same, the cabinets have the same physical and installation dimensions (with the exception of 18U).

REMER manufacturing company keeps working on improvement of its products to ensure the highest quality and consumer appeal. Due to that approach, the long-established product ranges are always up-to-date and have competitive prices to provide cutting-edge technologies to the customers, in line with the global standards.