EMS Configurator


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Industrial casings by Elbox continue to conquer the market.

Remer Production Group is pleased to introduce a new service called EMS Configurator to help customers configure an EMS electrical cabinet for specific project specifications and obtain the model number, specification, and recommended price of a product.

Конфигуратор EMS

A wide selection of Elbox casing configurations allows for assembling of a rather diversified range of EMS-framed cabinets using a complex MS profile that is capable of carrying a distributed load of up to 3,000 kg. The cabinet boasts a high protection level of IP65, or IP55 if the cabinet is fitted with an air conditioner or a fan. Let’s consider the operating principle of the Configurator and the ability to select accessories.

EMS Frame

Let’s begin configuring our industrial casing by selecting the type: this may be either an electrical or a telecommunication cabinet. Dimensions can be selected within a range of the following: height – from 1,600 mm to 2,200 mm; width – from 600 to 1,200 mm, depth – from 400 to 1,200 mm.

Fig.1. A standard assembled EMS cabinet featuring a metal door, metal walls, and a mounting panel

Fig.2. An EMS cabinet featuring 19” guides and a glass door

If you need an electrical cabinet, one or two mounting panels may be selected as accessories. One mounting panel is used for unilateral service cabinets. In bilateral service cabinets, two mounting panels are installed dividing the inner space in functional sections on the front and back sides; furthermore the depth of the sections is adjustable.

When assembling a telecommunication cabinet, guides must be used. Vertical guides allow for the arrangement of a mounting space for 19’’ equipment as well as, if necessary, a mounting space of 21’’ and 23’’ in cabinets with a width of 800 mm or more. The use of vertical guides with the mounting panel allows for extension of the range of standard sizes for equipment installed in one cabinet for joint operation.


In our example, we will assemble a real cabinet and find out the final product model
number, which may be used to make an order. The model number will start with EMS, which indicates the cabinet series. It is followed by a type code (specifically, its fittings, depending on the purpose) and an overall dimension identification code written with a hyphen.

Cabinet type identification

no 0
one mounting panel P
19" guides (4 pcs) U
19" guides and a panel UP
two mounting panels PP

Dimensions are coded as follows. Two zeroes are removed from the value in millimetres; the obtained digits are indicated in the sequence as “height, width, depth”. The digits are separated by a period, no spaces.

Our example will have one mounting panel with a height of 2,000 mm, a width of 800 mm, and a depth of 1,200 mm.

Our cabinet model number is EMS-P-20.8.12.

Front door

After having selected the frame dimensions, let’s “dress” our cabinet. If an opportunity to
monitor the condition and operation of the equipment installed should be provided, a door with a viewing glass would be suitable for us. In case of increased protection requirements, a metal door is the best choice. In wide cabinets, a double metal door is used for easy installation and maintenance in a confined space.

Ventilated doors are envisaged for the installation of air filters and filter fans. They may be used if the equipment installed requires some additional cooling.

Example. Front door designations

glass 1
metal 3
double (width of 800 mm and up) 8
ventilated F

Our cabinet has a front door with glass, so the number “1” is added with a hyphen to the model
number EMS-P-20.8.12-1.

Back door

The same range of accessories may be used for the back door as well. In addition, a typical metal wall may be installed instead of a door, with the access to the equipment available through the front door.

Example. Back door designations

glass 1
metal 3
double (width of 800 mm and up) 8
metal wall A
ventilated F

Our cabinet will have a back metal door, so the number “3” is added to the model number:EMS-P-20.8.12-13.

Side walls

The walls shall be selected based on the position of the cabinet. If several cabinets should be placed in a row, some walls may be omitted. When installing cabinets in a line, the IP protection class will not decrease. A single cabinet may be provided with walls, featuring a solid metal panel with openings that are envisaged for fans and filters and can be installed with a simple
snapping operation.

Example. Side wall designations

no 0
solid panel A
air conditioner С
fan/filter F

We have selected solid walls, so the letter “A” is added to the model number: EMS-P-20.8.12-13А.


The roof may be provided with an opening for an air conditioner allowing for installation of a 4.5 kV cooling system. A ventilated roof is used both for natural convection and for the installation of fan modules; between 1 and 4 modules may be installed, depending on the cabinet depth. Finally, a solid-roof option is available as well.

Example Roof designations

roofless 0
solid roof A
air conditioner C
ventilated F

Having selected a ventilated roof, “F” is added to the end, so the model number is EMS-P-20.8.12-13АF.


The cabinet’s base may be a solid panel, may be ventilated, or it may feature a panel with sliding plates. By default, a standard base is fitted with a brush entry.

Example. Base designations

bottomless 0
solid bottom A
ventilated F
standard N

The code for a ventilated base is added to the model number: EMS-P-20.8.12-13АFF.


After selecting the base, let’s select the cabinet’s pedestal. The pedestal height may be 100 mm and 200 mm and may be constructed of solid metal or with a perforated design. If the project specifications require seismic stability for the equipment, the cabinet design may include the relevant set of accessories.

Example. Pedestal designations

100 mm 1
200 mm 2
Perf. 100 mm 1F
Perf. 200 mm 2F
Seismic kit S

The perforated 100 mm base (“1F”) results in an item number of EMS-P-20.8.12-13АFF-1F.

This is the final item number and may be used for making an order from our partners

Configurator will also calculate the cabinet’s price and generate its specifications in PDF format.

Now, due to our Configurator, you will have no need to select from multiple components, as this will be handled by foreign manufacturers. All you need to do is simply set the necessary parameters and receive all the necessary information, namely the product’s model number and full name and price, which then may be used to place an order with any official Elbox supplier.

We are continuously raising the level of engineering innovation and making our products best in the market, both in terms of their availability and consumer performance!

Stay tuned for more!