The ARMY 2018 Forum


Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu officially opened the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2018 on August 21, 2018. The exhibition was held on August 21 through August 26 at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center (CEC) in Kubinka, Moscow Oblast, in 2018.


REMER Production Group and the LINDEX company showcased their joint exhibit display at the forum. The forum featured our new production:

  • CMO server cabinets with the system of REM inter-row conditioners,
  • complete out-of-the-box outdoor CMO solutions with the REM climate control systems,
  • ELBOX industrial cases based on the complex MS profile for the automation market,
  • REM power-distribution and microclimate-control systems, and
  • ELBOX polyester electrotechnical cabinets.




Those who were unable to attend the exhibition are invited to come and see all of the solutions at our showroom at the following address: ul. 7 Kozhukhovskaya 15/1, Moscow, Russia, 115193.

Here are some of the statistics for the past forum:

  • the number of attendants exceeded 1 million;
  • more than 118 foreign countries were represented;
  • 102 official military delegations attended the event;
  • there were more than 700 representatives of national military establishments;
  • among the exhibitors, there were 84 defense enterprises from 18 foreign countries (Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, the UK, Vietnam, Germany, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, Slovakia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, France, and the Czech Republic);
  • the participants represented 1,254 companies;
  • 26,459 exhibits were on display;
  • the area occupied by static exhibits totalled 0.13 square miles (350,000 square meters);
  • there were 295 units of weapons, military equipment, and special-purpose equipment used by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation;
  • there were 2,025 units of civilian and dual-use technologies;
  • 155 scientific and business events with the overall turnout of more than 11,000 people were held; and
  • 31 government contracts for a total amount of more than 130 billion rubles were concluded.