EMS-BCP Elbox Block Control Panels


Remer Production Group, considering the high market demand, has designed the Elbox EMS-BCP Block Control Panels (BCP). BCPs are made on the basis of Elbox MS structural section. High carrying capacity of the MS section and versatile frame design ensure unlimited possibilities for internal equipment installation, as well as facilitate BCP element connection. MS structural section system is compatible with equipment from all leading manufacturers. 


EMS-BCP is a complicated multimodule design ensuring a centralized control for units. Such structures are employed in power plants of all types, situation centers, and other critical facilities. The block control panel complexity means that its modules vary greatly in shape and size. Only a few of them are of the usual cabinet format, and some are control panels with table tops, some bodies have a unique shape, while all the modules are joined together and are fully suitable to accommodate standard equipment.

BCP allows to install monitoring instrumentation, automation, alarm and remote control devices, communication systems including workplaces and a central control panel, and control computer systems. Equipment operation data are displayed on vertical operating dashboards and mnemonic diagrams. In turn, the control commands are given by means of tilted control panels. There are installed electrical panels of the generator and transformer assembly, process protection, regulators, power supply, and central alarm. Control panel has gate valve / electric motor remote control keys which are used to start, synchronize with the network, stop and other operations to ensure assembly operation in both normal and emergency modes. 


In addition, modular system elements are designed to arrange a standby control panel. It can be used for reactor plant emergency stop if, for some reason, it is not possible to perform from the operational control station.

Module protection meets the regulatory requirements for this product type. Cabinet coating is zinc primer with polymeric powder finish. This coating makes it highly corrosion-resistant and able to withstand the maritime industrial atmosphere having the highest content of corrosive agents. Cabinets are highly seismic-resistant (Category I according to the Seismic Design Standard for nuclear power plants) and withstand external mechanical impacts in the range of 0-8 of the MSK-64 intensity scale.

EMS-BCP modular system consists of a number of components with the exact number and combination determined based on customer needs. The list includes several control panels (dual and single), cabinets (server, office, operational control, auxiliary equipment, etc.), corner intermediate inserts allowing to round the structure. Each cabinet is equipped with side mounts for coupling to other modules regardless of the type, shape and size. In addition, the system includes solid walls of different sizes, allowing to close the cabinets on either side, as necessary. At the base of each module a galvanized panel provided with installed cable glands and polyurethane seals. All cabinets of the system can be additionally installed on an aseismic plinth EMS-BCP-S of an appropriate size. 



For more details on the BCP please see a special booklet.

Elbox EMS-BCP control panel elements are custom-made products. Information on a particular design price is available strictly through official distributors based on complete project data provided.

Please send any questions about the EMS-BCP to cmo@cmo.ru.