A new range of REM fan modules


The REMER production group extends its range of microclimate control systems of the REM brand.

In November 2017, a new range of R-FAN fan modules was launched. It is put into production to replace the old CMO fan modules of the MV series. The design of new fans was considerably improved, the possibility of installing the module both for supply and exhaust of air stream is provided for. A special series of the modules with the power supply terminal block and the possibility to use the remote sensor is ideal for the all-weather CMO climatic cabinets of ShTV-N, ShTV-1, and ShTV-2 series.

The model number composition: 

• the first digit in the article after R-FAN indicates the amount of fans installed in the module; 

• J – terminal block for power supply connection is installed. If the model number misses the “J” designation, the cord with a C13 socket is used for connection to the 220V power supply network; 

• T – a temperature regulator, mode switch was installed (I-0-II). The control range of the temperature regulator is from 0 to 60 °С, the shutdown threshold is the temperature decrease 7 °С below the set value. Mode switch: I – module switching on with bypassing the temperature regulator; 0 – switching off; II – module switching on through the temperature controller; 

• К – a built-in temperature controller is installed, allowing to set the fan switching on and off at a set temperature;

 • 1U – is installed in the unit guides horizontally, with a depth adjustment, the scope of supply includes brackets for vertical fixing; 

3.jpg 6.jpg

• 9005 – casing color is black RAL 9005; in the absence of this block in the model number - casing color is black RAL 7035.

R-FAN-3T (2) копия.jpg R-FAN-3T-9005 (3) копия.jpg

The modules contain from one to six fans. The air flow capacity per one fan 150 m3/h. 

The modules may be roof-, door-, bottom-mounted and may be mounted in the cabinet unite guides. Change of air flow direction is implemented in every module, enabling to use them both for air exhaust and supply. Air flow direction is shown on the module body. It should be considered during installation depending on the task to be solved. All the accessories for installing the module are included into the standard supply set.

The products of MB range are available for ordering until the end 2017. R-FAN range is available for ordering from our partners.

To replace the CMO products of MB series by REM products of the R-FAN series in your projects, use the manufacturer’s letter.