We have developed the CMO cold/hot aisle system and Rem-XR intercabinet conditioners


ShTV-NE cabinets are intended for the arrangement of exterior video surveillance systems, security systems and telecommunications equipment


The outcome of the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2018


The ELBOX enclosures were approved by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


REMER Production Group would like to invite the professionals to visit the International Military Technical Forum Army 2018


Remer Production Group has now issued an updated catalogue for its CMO, Elbox and Rem brands


The REMER production group extends its range of microclimate control systems of the REM brand.


The popularity of  out-of-the-box solution has confirmed that our decision to develop this area was correct


Remer Production Group and Schneider Electric signed an agreement at the Innovation Summit 2017


CMO, Elbox, and Rem trademarks have opened new showrooms


We would like to present you a service for configuring the assembly of EMS industrial casings that comply with specific project requirements in generating model number, specification, and ready product price.


Specialists of Remer production group upgraded the SHTV series on-floor all-weather cabinets


SHTV series all-weather floor cabinets were modernized by the specialists of Remer Production Group


Remer Production Group Catalogue adds 32 A Rem Power Socket Blocks.


Designers of Remer Production Group continue developing various accessories depending on the requirements of an engineering project.


Dear friends,
This year our company is celebrating its 15th anniversary!
Having started as a small metalworking company, we have become a manufacturer, whose products are now recognized throughout the Customs Union.
Since the start of our journey, our team has grown significantly, and not just in size. Having designed over a thousand products, and gained invaluable experience, we are already successfully competing against western manufacturers.


Dear customers,
We sincerely appreciate your loyalty to the CMO brand and are continuing to actively work on modifying our products. Therefore, we are happy to announce that starting March, 1 2016, we will be releasing ШРН, ШРН-С, and ШРН-М wall-mounted telecommunication cabinets with an updated design and construction.


Dear partners,
Due to the increased cost of raw materials, please be advised that price adjustments will become effective as of March 1, 2016, on average for the following groups: